"It's only fair that you would not trust us."


- Experiment Number: Specimen U-???
- Age: ???
- Gender: Male
- Faction: Rex
- Weapon: Psychic powers!


Has pink hair and clothes, totally fabulous.


Seemed fairly straightfoward and whatnot. Declared the Chimera a pack and Rex their leader. Possibly might have guided the party to a trap.


Unknown, but likely born on the island, experimented on, then broke out five years ago.

The party first met him at Facility R, where he, Mal, and Leto were gaurding. He sent the party to Facility C, though it's unclear if he knew that the party would be killed after stabilizing the island.


  • Unknown: Likely psychic related.


  • Unknown: Unknown


  • Mal: Were hanging out.
  • Leto: Were also hanging out
  • Rex: Outright declared him his leader.

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