"So... what do we do?"


- Full Name: Chandra ???
- Age: 19
- Gender: Female
- Faction: Not Dying in the Jungle
- Weapon: Hahahaha... you're kidding, right?


A young woman, slightly taller than average. Dark skin and hair, but blue eyes. Currently running around in modern clothes, but the ones in the picture exist.


Hard to say as she's not really chatted with anyone too much, but seems to unsure of herself and follows the other's suggestions for what to do. Twice now has had to be reminded to use her powers when they'd be useful




  • Channeling: Chandra is capable of channeling a pokemon, allowing her to communicate with it on a basic level.

  • Dancer: Chandra knows the ancient dances of her people, which are said to be able to channel and focus energy in a person or a pokemon.


  • Ravi (Larvesta): Her starter. Appears to have terrible luck in battle.

  • Riya (Swablu): The first wild pokemon she channeled on the island.

  • Nalima (Pancham): Mysteriously blue colored and appears to have ice powers. Beat the crap out of Ravi when they met in battle.