- Experiment Number: Specimen U-???
- Age: Older than 23
- Gender: Female
- Faction: Chimera (?)
- Weapon: Silence, vines


A woman with green hair and brown eyes. Looks like she's 12, poor thing.


Mostly unknown, has only spoken once since the party met her. Nyx says she doen't like to talk, just sits, watches and judges... and lets her brothers do the heavy lifting.


Fleur was created in Facility Unova, the first-born of any of the Chimera.

Before the start of the campaign, she and Raine swam out to the ship and sank it. During the evacuation, the go on the party's lifeboat and spied on them whlie they were on the island.


  • Unknown: Unknown.


  • Unknown: Though she does have a couple the party gave her.


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