"We're not going to die."


- Full Name: ??? Joy
- Age: 20
- Gender: Female
- Faction: Love and Peace
- Weapon: Big brutish dog thing


A womand with long pink hair and pinkish-purple eyes. Doesn't wear her hair in loops, as Max has noted multiple times.


Soft hearted but hard headed. Prefers to avoid fights, but willing to get into them to help someone or something.


Unknown. Apparently on vacation.


  • Medic: Basic healing abilities.

  • Mentor: Good at teaching pokemon.


  • Bully (Granbull): Her starter. Very tough.

  • Mr. Tung (Lickitung): Obtained after saving its rock from monkeys, despite Flynn's protests.


  • Chandra: None
  • Flynn: Semi-hostile, tend to disagree a lot, already gotten in one fight.
  • Max: None

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