"... Hello."


- Experiment Number: Specimen K-???
- Age: ???
- Gender: Female
- Faction: Rex
- Weapon: Ghost powers!


Has black hair and brown eyes, wears white. Unless she's invisible, then she doesn't look like anything


Unknown, didn't talk except to say hello.


Unknown, but likely born on the island, experimented on, then broke out five years ago.

The party first met her at Facility R, where she, Mal, and Basir were gaurding. She tried to stay out of sight, but revealed herself when Chandra cottoned on to her presence. She continued to watch in silence afterwards.


  • Invisibility: Can turn invisible

  • Ghost Powers: This is just likely, but wouldn't be shocked.


  • Unknown: Unknown


  • Mal: Were hanging out.
  • Basir: Were also hanging out

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