"I want to be left alone. If they open up this island, that will change."

- Experiment Number: Specimen C-009
- Age: ??
- Gender: Female
- Faction: Unknown
- Weapon: Dark powers


A person in a black, enveloping darkness. Has white hair streaked with black, a white coat and shorts, and tights.


Nuuuuuuts. Well, some of the time. She doesn't remember that though.

When sane, she's a loner and doesn't seem too emotional. She just wants to be left alone.


Unknown, but likely born on the island, experimented on, then broke out five years ago. At some point went nutso, but not 100% of the time.

The party first met her on the way to Facility P, where she attacked them. She later appeared to save their asses against Jean, when he was sent to kill them. She agreed to lead them to Facility S.


  • WhateverDarkIs-kinesis: She can hide herself in a could of darkness, and use Dark attacks on enemies.


  • Absol: Clearly her husbando

  • Espeon: The Killstealer

  • Honchkrow: He buffs stuff

  • Weavile: Also a killstealer


  • Jean: She called him an idiot, he tried to kill her. Obviously romantic interests.