Day 1 Thursday, June 4thEdit

Boat sinks, life boat washes up on island, fight off the beach pokemon

Day 2 Friday, June 5thEdit

Talk to the Altaria, start heading for the other humans, but run into Morgan being attacked by a bear. Sleep at her campsite.

Day 3 Saturday, June 6thEdit

Continue towards the humans, but get our butts kicked by Nyx on the mountain. Meet Jean and Doctor Smith

Day 4 Sunday, June 7thEdit

Spend a day resting and recovering.

Day 5 Monday, June 8thEdit

Spend a second day resting and recovering

Day 6 Tuesday, June 9thEdit

Go out to investigate Facility H, fight the rotoms, talk to Pyrrhus

Day 7 Wednesday, June 10thEdit

Begin traveling to Facility R.

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